About Me

My name is Lucas Blanco, and I live in Miami. I consider this blog a mix of technical analysis and the satirical musings of a concerned citizen. You should as well. Founded in 2009, the idea behind Kamikaze Ben and www.inbailoutswebust.com started when my friend and I were joking about how "Helicopter Ben Bernanke" should really be called "Kamikaze Ben", for what I still consider to be his misguided and dangerous central banking polices. Now that Bernanke's tenure at the Fed is over, his legacy lives on through the policy's of Fed Chair Yellen. Eventually we will all have to face the consequences that a policy pursuing relentless asset prices inflation has on our economy. We look to Japan because their model for anti-deflationary policies seems to have inspired Mr. Bernanke.

As an individual investor interested in this countries long-term prospects, I hope that you find the posts helpful or at least humorous. I'd like to reiterate the legal clause at the bottom of all of the posts: The positions and strategies discussed on inbailoutswebust.com are in no way intended to serve as personal investing advice. Readers should not make any investment decision without first conducting their own thorough due diligence. You can view some of my artwork at lucasblanco.com.

Enjoying a sunset in Naples, Fl. Photo circa May, 2014