Follow the money Trail, Vote the Incumbents out !!!!

What happened to the 1.4 Billion dollars awarded in May of 2009, to the State of Florida for education purposes???? link

Total number of jobs created -- 2,900, should be decreased by the 1,100 jobs taken from the State between Broward, and Miami Dade County during the past year. From the remaining 1,800 jobs, the Florida Lottery funding should have picked up 10 percent. That leaves 1,600 jobs created by 1.4 Billion, there must be a some $875,000/yr. jobs , unreported to all of us in the State of Florida. As the unreported real unemployment is reaching close to 15 percent. Another wake up call in Florida.

Clear message , one date - November 2010.


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Beef, it's whats for dinner

Well, just about every rally attempt is getting sold like an ice cream cone on a hot day. We maybe basing around these levels but a new spike lower would not surprise me in the least. Anyway just playing around with a few photos in pixlr.com today and thought you might enjoy a little humor. I made this collage with photo credits going to flickr members FotoosVanRobin's and Uberculture.