The American Idiot

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Last year I linked to a video of the G20 riots in Pittsburgh that Google subsequently censored. This little video talks about those riots briefly and makes some other very good points. Watch it.

Great Title to an article this morning on AP

Oil moves above $75 amid improving economic mood

Great Title for an article from AP this morning, that is the only thing that should be up Mr. Hatton, there is absolutely nothing else going on(key word is Mood), unemployment is increasing, taxes are increasing, and all the bailout money is being spent by the people less qualified to allocate it, like little "Timmie Geithner."
Lets ask those added to the unemployment line last week, how the oil price increase will affect their job landscape during the next six months?????




Just Tax It

A new tee-shirt from Inbailoutswebust.com:

Just Tax It


Let everyone review the latest Oil Import data!!!!!

Enclosed find the latest total on oil imports, from the last week of April, to the first week in May. Including BP's huge gaffe.

I say its a powerful argument for $50.00 a barrel. Check out this link.


Do Not Panic

Everything and everyone will be bailed out. Please just get in line...