SEC proves it can be bought - just took a fistful of more taxpayer dollars

Reverting a previous decision on August of 2009, judge Rakoff will now accept a $150 Million dollar settlement, same that was denied back in 08/2009, because it was only $33 million settlement. In the name of all those shareholders fleeced in the Bank of America- Merrill Lynch merger approved prior to the financial markets meltdown.
BY -Farrell Financial times 02/22/10-Link

If the judge were to re-distribute those funds back to the thousands of investors misled by the Bank of America dealings, no problem. I would very much like to see these settlements be fairer, in monetary terms, notwithstanding the ethical and monumental mistake this so called financial institution HAS DONE TO ALL...
Definitely proving these punishments first don't fit the crime, and do not address the financial institutions way of conducting business.


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